These New Days

by Salt of the Earth

Released 2007
Released 2007
Rootsy, soulful acoustic music, with rich melody and harmony lines and songs that come straight from within...2 guitars, bass, cello...
A roots group with a straightforward and unassuming style, a sound that is stripped down to it’s core, and songs that come straight from within, Salt of the Earth formed early in the spring of 2003. The members are Lynne Reif on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Mike Schrand on bass and baritone guitars and vocals, Jake Brookman on cello and Jim Hieger on lead acoustic guitar and banjo. Both Lynne and Mike have history playing and singing in the St. Louis-based Roots-Rock band Belle Starr (1996-2002). Jake is a classically trained cellist who has played in groups ranging from symphony orchestras to punk bands. Jim is a self-taught all-natural lead player who has history performing out with jam-style bands. Salt of the Earth features original songwriting, which aims to chew on life in a heartfelt way, and spans the genres of pop, folk and blues. The group puts down rhythmic instrumental accompaniment complemented by rich melody and harmony lines.
Sit back and listen to the music.
That’s all there is.